The Twin Moons of Andove

Andove is a planet in a galaxy not so far away where it’s residents have a second animal form. Like everyone else in the universe, they’re looking for love.


Nians on Earth

Nians are a race of aliens suffering a population crisis. They come to Earth hoping to find help, in the form of women. Nian men want love and they’re providing plenty of competition for the men on Earth.


The Fringes of the Universe

The Flower, a sleek, new spaceship flies through space with a small crew. Jutel, a Nian warrior that just wants to find her purpose in life. Mal, a soap opera obsessed Nian who wants drama in his life as well as on the screen. Bill, an Olovian psychic that seeks adventure. With a few unexpected additions these friends quickly discover that on the fringes of the universe anything can happen.