New Series

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here, longer than I realized, actually. Life has been…life, so I thought I’d share the idea I’m about to start working on.

Side note, I’m not abandoning the “Twin Moons of Andove” or the “Nians on Earth” series, but I feel that they’re both at a good resting point and before I jump back into them I’ve got another idea I’d love to explore.

What I’d like to write is a series with one couple per book that takes place on a space cruise ship. Think Love Boat… in space lol.

When I wrote “The Fringes of the Universe” series I was inspired by Jane the Virgin and soap operas, thus the titles. I tried to throw in as many soap opera tropes as I could, and there were a lot, I had so much fun writing it but it was not a favorite with my readers. I’m a little afraid that’s what’s going to happen again, but the idea of Love Boat in space has been pounding at my brain for so long that I just need to get it out and hopefully my readers will enjoy.

I’ve poured over the Love Boat Episode Wikipedia to get title ideas, since I’m in the middle of a move and not able to write. I’ve got a list of potentials, which is a relief because titles are something I struggle with every time. I’ve also got notes written for characters and the series as a whole. I’m still trying to figure out the partners the women will end up with, do I want to go with cyborgs or time travelers? Both have their pluses…

What I do know is that the series will be called Course for Adventure (see what I did there?) it will be set about 200-400 years in the future, and Humans, Nians, Andovians, Venedians, and more will be there.

I’m really excited to get started and I’m going to try to update my blog throughout the process. We’ll see how I do lol

Bare Naked Chest

I’m a fan of the male form. Sexy abs, large muscles, naked skin, I love it. However, there’s an awful lot of it when you look at the covers of most Romance books. Which is why when I first published my Twin Moons of Andove series I decide to show that my books were romances with a more feminine title font and went with an image of space instead of naked, male chest.

I quickly realized that I needed chests. Naked torsos were what everyone else had, and if I wanted to sell, which I did, I needed some abs on my cover.

I might have gone overboard.

Now here we are a couple years later and there are even more naked male chests than ever and I’m starting to wonder if it’s time for a change. Something simple, something that still shows that this is a Sci-Fi Romance, but that isn’t embarrassing to be caught reading.

Covers are difficult, if you’ve never had to deal with them before it might not be that obvious. You have to have something that clearly conveys your specific genre. Branding, both series and author, is very important as well. Covers can range from free if you do them yourself to well over a thousand dollars. I’ve paid a couple hundred for covers before and been happy, but I’ve also been just as happy with covers I’ve spent a couple dollars on that I’ve made myself.

Unfortunately, right now, I do not have the money to pay a professional, so I’ve been working on possibilities on my own. I’ve come up with one I really like, but before I go changing things I wanted to ask my readers, the people that have already paid for my books in all their naked male chest glory, what they think. Here is the current cover for Abducted and the one I’ve been working on. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?


Current Cover

Possible New Cover




Search for Tomorrow

Happy Book Birthday!

Wow, it’s been a while. I went from publishing a book about every forty days to it being over a year since my last new release, not counting “The Fringes of the Universe Prequel.” I appreciate everyone’s patience and while I’m still not up to my previous output, I don’t expect it to take nearly as long to write and publish my next book.

I had been hoping to wrap up Jutel and Kisho’s story in “Search for Tomorrow” but so much happened that I wasn’t able too. My goal is to secure their happily ever after in my next book, tentatively titled “Edge of Night.”

Some of you might have noticed that “Search for Tomorrow” has a different book cover than “Guiding Light”, that it actually looks closer to the original “Guiding Light” cover. That is because the current “Guiding Light” cover was created by the wonderful people over at ebookindiecovers.com and while I’d love to get them to make “Search for Tomorrow’s” cover I just don’t have the funds to right now. Hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to get a pretty matching cover.

I hope you all enjoy the story. I’ll post back here and on Facebook with more updates.