Chapter Three

One year after their first contact with Earth and the Nians were finally making steady progress. It had been excruciatingly slow, but Talina had scientists working on building a machine that would take care of global warming. She had provided the technology and the necessary materials, that couldn’t be found on world, the rest was up to Earth.

They were working with various governments to implement the superior Nian medical technology and probably would be for many years to come, but the majority of Earth were in favor of using the tech so Talina had hope.

“I’m exhausted. I don’t know if I can handle another PR interview and if one more person asks me where I purchased my clothing I might snap someone’s neck.” Falling back onto her couch Talina covered her eyes and kicked off her heels. Her feet were killing her. She still couldn’t understand why Earth women wore those horrible shoes.

“You’re doing amazing.”

Sighing she sat up so that she could face her brother. “How are things going on your end? Are you still having issues hiring?”

It was his turn to collapse in a chair and moan. “I thought when we got the land from everyone that the hard part was over. I had no idea. Dealing with labor unions and all the various government labor laws has been one headache after another.”

“You two need to learn how to delegate.” Amiri was the only one that didn’t look worn out.

They were in Talina’s suite, something they had started doing at least once a week since that first meeting. It was their time to relax and unburden and think up solutions to whatever problems each other was facing.

Frowning at him Talina responded, “I do delegate.”

He snorted at her and began adjusting his sleeve, something she’d noticed he did whenever he was feeling confident. “You do not. You tell someone to do something and they’ll get halfway through before you step in and take over because they’re doing it wrong. You need to realize that you have very competent people. They may not do things exactly the same way you would, but that doesn’t make their way incorrect.”

“I know that. I just… can’t seem to help myself.” She rubbed her head and fell back into the couch cushions moaning again. “You’re right, the people we have here are top notch. I’ll work on my control issues.”

He nodded and then turned to Zalier, “You need to hire some locals.”

“I have. They just come to me for answers.”

“Fire them and hire better ones. It’s not like you don’t have money. With the patents, you’ve filed and the deals you’ve made you guys are making a mint. Of course, that’s becoming a problem.”

Talina jumped in, “We have a plan for that. Originally we were going to donate a sizable sum to a well-regarded Earth charity, but the research in that area has been startling. So much money wasted and so many people neglected. It’s tragic.” She paused thinking about all the earthlings she’d seen that were hungry and diseased, the number of people with no access to clean water was… depressing.

Breaking her train of thought she continued, “We’re in the process of funding our own charity with the goal of eliminating disease and hunger. We’re focusing on those goals because they are felt in every corner of the globe. We had hoped to do something art related, and still will, but that will have to wait.”

They were quiet after that, each thinking. Zalier about what he needed to do the next day. Talina and Amiri about what they were going to do when Zalier finally left. Their relationship had exploded after one late night. Now they spent their little free time in each other’s arms. Somehow, even with his earlier attempts to match them up, Zalier had yet to catch on.

Yawning very wide, hoping her brother would catch the hint Talina briefly considered just telling him to leave, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. When Amiri yawned as well Zalier finally stood up and let them know he was heading off to bed.

“I’ll follow you shortly, I had something else I wanted to talk to Tali about regarding the charity.”

Nodding to them both Zalier left the room. He couldn’t believe that they thought he didn’t know about their relationship. He was nowhere near as clueless as his sister thought he was, but he enjoyed messing with them too much to reveal he knew their secret.

As soon as the door slid shut Talina and Amiri were on each other.

“I love your brother, I really do, but if he hadn’t left in the next five minutes I was going to tear him apart.”

She laughed and kissed his chin while her fingers were busy unbuttoning his shirt. Sliding it from his strong shoulders she felt a shiver of anticipation travel up her spine. After months of sex, her hunger for him had yet to be satisfied. In fact her dreams were now filled with his massive lion form, she didn’t let him know that, though. She was still adamant that she didn’t want a relationship until she had everything else in her life under control.

As his hand cupped her breasts and his thumb brushed across her peaked nipple her train of thought fled and all she could think about was getting Amiri naked in bed. Or on the floor. Or couch. She didn’t even need him flat, she just needed to feel his long, thick cock inside of her.

“Oh my god I’ve wanted you so bad all day. If I don’t feel you inside of me soon…”

Pushing her against the wall Amiri smiled and said, “Let’s see if I can do something about that for you.” He buried his face in her neck and began nipping at his favorite spot. He couldn’t get enough of the spot between her neck and collarbone. Meanwhile, his hand traveled down her side as he started to hike up her skirt. Her fingers were already busy unzipping his pants. When his cock sprung free she wrapped her hand around it. Groaning he didn’t bother with pushing her underwear down, instead he ripped the little lacy bits off completely.

“You owe me a new pair of underwear. Most expensive scrap of fabric I’ve ever seen.”

He snarled and pulled her leg up to wrap around his waist. Claiming her lips with his own he stopped her from making another comment. He moved his hand down to her sex, wanting to make sure she was ready for him, but she was already positioning his cock at the entrance of her channel.

Tearing her lips way from his she said, “I’m so wet for you I can barely stand. Fuck me now Amiri.”

He slammed into her, nearly pushing himself over the edge in the process. Her hands were around his neck now, both legs wrapped securely around his waist. He paused and tried to think of anything other than how amazing she felt. Knowing just what she did to him, she smirked and started nibbling on his ear lobe. When she thought he’d had enough time to regroup she started using her legs. He moaned, she was going to be the death of him.

He started thrusting into her, slowly because he knew how much it drove her crazy, but his pace quickly picked up because she wasn’t the only one that had been fantasizing about this all day. He needed her like he’d never needed another woman before.

Pounding into her over and over until they were both so close to the edge that one small push would send them flying over he stopped. Talina screamed in frustration, but Amiri just laughed. “You’re not getting off that easy.”

Slipping from her body was the last thing he wanted to do but he had no intention of making their coupling short. Carrying her irate body to bed, he laid her down. Before she could start raining insults on him he buried his face in her needy pussy.

After weeks, he had begun to crave the bliss between her legs. Her unique taste was forever imprinted on his mind and he never got enough. As she bucked into his mouth his arm went out to hold her down. His expert tongue against her clit and his fingers working themselves inside of her love channel brought her to climax within seconds.

Her screams of ecstasy made Amiri purr, he knew how to please his woman. He paused at the thought and his heart clenched. She was his woman, she was everything he had ever wanted and so much more. No longer caring about prolonging his orgasm Amiri mounted her on the bed. His cock at her quivering entrance he met her gaze and thrust into her.

Wrapping her legs around Amiri, Talina could tell something had changed. He never moved this quickly, he’d told her on more than one occasion that he liked to play with his food. She wasn’t complaining, though. She enjoyed a change of pace and when his hand moved between them and started strumming at her sensitive nub she focused on the pleasure he was giving her.

As she neared her second orgasm for the night, she felt Amiri’s teeth at her shoulder. Freezing, when she felt him start to bite down harder she pushed him off of her. Rolling back she screamed, “What the hell are you doing?”

Playing innocent Amiri said, “What?” He stood on the other side of the bed from her, his cock jutting out glistening from her juices. He shifted on his feet and his eyes didn’t quite meet hers.

Reaching for a sheet she yanked it from the bed and wrapped it around her. Furious she accused him, “You were trying to mate me. I know what happens when an Andovian bites during sex. Did you think I wouldn’t do my research?”

He shrugged but was starting to get angry, “If I bit another Andovian sure, but your Nian. It wouldn’t work with you.”

“Bullshit. You were trying to mark me as yours.”

He opened his mouth to pour his heart out to her, let her know what he’d been feeling and had only just now realized. Instead he said, “Is that really such a bad thing? You love me I know you do. We’re perfect for each other. You have to see that Talina, you aren’t stupid.”

She bristled at his words, too angry to see his heart on his sleeve. “I, love you? How could I love a man that runs from his responsibilities? That doesn’t fight for what matters. You should have taken the crown from your sister already, she’s practically begged you too. Instead, you’re here where you aren’t needed.”

Pulling herself up and doing her best to appear aloof and unaffected she continued, “I won’t lie, I’ve enjoyed our trysts, but it’s time they ended. All I ever wanted from you was sex. If you’re starting to have feelings… then we should stop.”

Slowly gathering his clothes Amiri couldn’t believe how quickly things had deteriorated. Her words felt like a physical blow. How dare she call him a coward. Furious now and looking to make a parting shot he turned to her before he exited her room, “I apologize for my actions. You were right, this was never more than just sex. I got caught up in the heat of the moment. Thank you for stopping me before I did something irreversible.”

She smiled at him and he could see her shoulders sag in relief and then he gave her his parting blow, “I can’t imagine how horrible life would be if I had mated to a woman that is so domineering and unfeminine. My mate needs to be someone that is sweet and does what I tell her.”

“So you want a doormat? If I had known we would never have gotten this far.”

He gave her a lewd smile, “Honey we both know we got this far because I was hard up and you were the only one available with the right equipment. Any other time and I wouldn’t have given you a second glance.”

Her mouth dropped open in shock, but he wasn’t finished.

“I prefer my women to look like women and less like they could snap me in two.”

The door slid shut with those parting remarks and Talina spent the night wrapped in a sheet unable to sleep. Amiri’s words running through her head.