The Fringes of the Universe Prequel Chapter One

“So what do we need to do next?”

Jutel and Malikina were on Nian in the almost empty embassy in the capital city. Even with the newly created relationship with the planet of Andove, the embassy was still barely in use. Which was perfect for Jutel and Mal, it gave them access to the powerful computers still being maintained in the building and plenty of space to spread out their research.

“Well, we have the proof needed to show that Nian had nothing to do with what happened on Olovia. They were the ones that attacked us with their biological weapon and then themselves with the computer virus. That should be enough to take us off any possible banned planet list we might be on, though, they might have other requirements for us to meet.”

“Right, but what I mean is, what do we do next? Do we just show up on their doorstep or do we send them a message, what exactly do we do?”

Mal gave her an apologetic look before shrugging his shoulders. Jutel barely resisted the urge to groan, he was supposed to be the brains of this whole thing, she was just muscle, she didn’t know anything about diplomacy. All she wanted was to join the United Universe Aid Coalitions Corps so that she could go out in the universe and help the less fortunate.

Waiting for Mal to speak up, maybe give a recommendation, anything that might help, it took her a minute to realize he wasn’t going to say anything. He was waiting on her.


Sure she was the one that went to him with her idea, but only because he was the closest thing to an expert on the UUAC on Nian. She wasn’t looking to become a leader, she wanted someone to tell her what she needed to do.

She pushed away from the table and stood up. Pacing in front of the walled computer panel that had all of their information pinned to it she tried to use what they had to figure out a course of action.

“I guess—the only thing I can figure is that we just go and show up. We’ve got the evidence, surely someone there will tell us what to do. Right?”


She resisted groaning again and instead began the paperwork required to request the use of a Nian space ship.