Nians on Earth


***This is an introduction to the series and a free gift to my readers. Love you guys so much!***

The Nian world was ravaged by a virus one hundred years ago. Their population almost devastated, strict laws were put into place. Looking to find a better solution Talina has brought a group of volunteers to Earth.

This short is a brief glimpse into Talina’s life during the first year executing her plan to save Nian.

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Destiny Male Cover

After decades battling a population crisis, Nians are hoping that Earth will be the answer.

General Zalier has spent the last ten years building a relationship with the people on Earth. It’s a relationship built on a lie. As much as he loves being able to help the world, the real reason for the Nian presence is to find partners for his men. After years of running a specifically engineered matchmaking software a match has finally been found for him.

Lucy is in desperate need of a vacation and hopefully a little vacation romance. After years of men telling her she would look better a few pounds lighter she’s ready to break her rules and have a fling. What’s life without a little fun?

The instant attraction is undeniable, but when their relationship gets leaked to the world things get complicated. Death threats, assassination attempts, and lies lead to an uncertain future. Lucy wasn’t looking for something serious, is she ready for more, especially when it comes attached with such dangerous possibilities?
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Desire Male Cover

Earth is in turmoil. The Nian General Zalier has married the human Lucy Thompson taking the first step toward the Nian goal of finding partners for all Nians on Earth. Too bad a large portion of Earth’s population thinks the union is an abomination.

Rocts is finally in a position of authority. All of his hard work has culminated in being given the newest Nian resort to run, The Desire. His first day on the job and the new accountant has stolen his focus completely.

Georgia has a five year, ten year, and pretty much an entire life plan. Love is not part of it, though. She’s dedicated to her career and now all that hard work is about to pay off. She’s landed a coveted account with the Nian resort Desire and a promotion is surely in her future. Unfortunately, life is rarely that easy.

As the Nian and Earth relationship crumbles around them, Rocts pursues Georgia with all the determination and charm he has in his arsenal. Unforeseen consequences of the Olovian virus rear their head and increasingly violent reactions from Earth’s people throw even more obstacles in his way, but Georgia is having a harder and harder time resisting his magnetic pull.

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Delight Male Chest
It’s been a year since the Nians evacuated Earth, but they didn’t leave it entirely.

Floating above the blue planet, Calik can’t figure out exactly why he volunteered to stay behind. When an intriguing reporter breaks her way through the Delight’s shields, he thinks he might have found a reason.

Angela is after the story of a lifetime. A story that will finally prove she’s more than just a geek, that she’s an intrepid, investigative reporter.

Together they could change the course of two worlds, if everything goes according to plan.

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Talina led a mission to Earth in the hopes of saving the future of her people. Instead, the mission ended in failure and she’s spent a year barely coping with her grief.

Pressure is on Prince Amiri to finally put together the last pieces in the plot against his father and retake his place as future king.

Once lovers these two are thrown together to forge peace with a race considered to be the Nians greatest enemy and who is now working against the Andovians. Will they even bother fighting their intense attraction or will they try and find a way to make their long-distant, multi-planet responsibility, relationship work?


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